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Have you heard of Zap? A way to get rid of parasites..

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:32 pm
by Judith
Have you heard of Zap? A way to get rid of parasites in the body

My naturopath told me that he could see evidence of parasites in my blood sample analysis. He recommended taking some herbal remedies, but since I was already taking quite a range of vitamins, and felt reluctant to add to the load, I decided to pursue another route.

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A ZAPPER is a small box with a battery in it, which you strap on your arm or leg (I do it twice a day for at least half an hour—easy—once in bed when I wake up in the morning, and once when I have an afternoon rest). The little red light blinks when it is on, and seems like a friendly sign that parasites are being dealt with by bio-electrification. (Dr Hulda Clark, among many others since, found that a weak current of pulsed DC kills parasites in the body—these can be microscopic and not detected by the naked eye).

I bought my zapper on line from . Georg Ritschel who runs this is a very friendly and accessible individual, you can go on his site to check this out-he offers a lot of information and it is fascinating, with a huge range of applications beyond parasite healing. I got the Silverado, which although it said may produce black spots for a time on the body, did not do this because I was following the alkaline diet. As Georg says on his site: ‘parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but disintegrate and are easily eliminated or assimilated as harmless nutrient. In fact, since they got most of the benefits from all the expensive supplements you’ve been eating, this could be your big nutritional payoff’. All parasites & diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin & into the living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal diseased tissue. This may seem wacky to some, but it is definitely worth a try-as Georg says, 'the word "cure" has to be used with caution, not so much for lack of conviction but rather for the known efforts of the medical establishment to discredit any invention or healing method that poses an effective threat to the medical paradigm'- My view is that the Zapper can give one another structure to feel that one is helping oneself in different ways to create a benign environment in the body where diseased cells cannot thrive .

As Georg says:

Every person should at least zap 30 minutes per day to stay free of parasites, harmful bacteria, viruses, and degenerated cancer tissue. A zapper also keeps you energised and alert.

We consider it a part of daily hygiene just like brushing your teeth and keeping your body clean. After all, who wants to run around with half a kilo of disgusting creepy-crawlies travelling as blind passengers?

Then see my next post on November 21 2013 under The Healing Power of Sprouts`--no more parasites to be seen in the bloodstream...

And then March 2015 when my Zapper connection broke Georg said once you have bought a Zapper you have free repairs for life...all you do is post it back registered airmail to Orgonise Africa:
Orgonise Africa
PO box 72397
Parkview 2122
South Africa

Declare as "warranty return - value = 0.00"

As they say 'can't say fairer than that'!

Re: Have you heard of Zap? A way to get rid of parasites..

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:12 am
by Siya159
Wow that was great piece information.

Re: Have you heard of Zap? A way to get rid of parasites..

PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:29 am
by GeorgeFowell
Nope..but I think that you have nice information. For health and lifestyle, we have to take care of our body and mind