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News on Mistletoe

Postby drew43 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:13 pm

This report was sent to us by Patricia, our Scotland Representative:

Yes to Life hosted a Forum in Edinburgh on Lifestyle choices and cancer.

The two Speakers were Dr. Stefan Geider MD who works at the Camphill Wellbeing Trust in Aberdeen and is an expert on Mistletoe Therapy for cancer.
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Dr Geider’s talk was on ‘Mistletoe - its role in resilience and wellbeing

The second Speaker was Robert H Jacobs NMD, PhD, HMD. Dr Jacobs is a Naturopath and works from London and he gave a talk on

‘How to change the Micro Environment of the body to reduce your risk of cancer’

and ‘Laboratory Gene Testing to determine the most effective treatments for a person’s cancer’

Mistletoe is the most prescribed complementary therapy for cancer in the world.

It can be injected into the skin or infused through a drip injected into the tumour. It can also be given as drops by mouth .

It encourages activation of the body’s own defences; protects against radiation and chemotherapy toxicity and enables DNA repair. It improves tolerability to catatonic therapies . It therefore improves recovery and can improve responsiveness to other treatments.

Mistletoe warms the body, supports immune system function and normalises temperature rythms and metabolic functions. It improves psychological and social warmth which means a higher chance of getting better.
Treatment is individualised.

There are 3 types of therapy:

1) Standard

2) Fever inducing High dose Intensive

3) When the actual tumour is targeted

Dr Robert Jacob’s talk was most interesting as it was all about how to reduce the risk of cancer by lifestyle.
The list of vitamins and food he mentioned , if followed, could reduce the incidence of all types of cancer by 50%

In this list he talked of consuming more fruit and vegetables (but he didn’t say whether raw or cooked would be better)

Vitamins C, B12 and D3

Essential fatty acids

But of course we all know the benefits of fruit, veg and essential fatty acids

For those with IBS he talked of Vit A and selenium zinc

There were roughly 40 people attending and most of them had had cancer or were still going through therapies for cancer. The ones who had had the Mistletoe treatment were absolutely convinced that it was the best way to deal with cancer, though, truth to tell, they could afford it and bearing in mind that one has to be in Aberdeen for the treatment, life would be very disrupted unless one lived in that part of Scotland. That said, The Trust has an accommodation block so that spouses or partners and even children can be with the patient while treatment is ongoing.
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I was convinced.
God willing I never get cancer but if I did I would go as far as selling my house to get the Mistletoe treatment
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