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Book suggestion: Cancer, Incorporated

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:07 pm
by Rosa_M
Ralph W. Moss, author of The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy, presents his most groundbreaking book yet — Cancer, Incorporated.

Cancer, Incorporated is a blistering critique of the greed and lies of the cancer drug business, and shows how Big Pharma’s deceptions have caused suffering and cost lives!

Ralph Moss reveals how Big Pharma manipulates every aspect of cancer drug development and has corrupted the field of oncology by paying off the key opinion leaders in the field.

The result of this corruption is a host of minimally effective, unsafe and outrageously priced drugs.

The Inside Story of the Corruption, Greed & Lies
of Big Pharma - a new book for 2020 by Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Read the book here: ... 313787c70d

It’d be great if someone could read it and review it for other Cansurvivors?