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Jenny Diski interview on her fear of dying from cancer

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:42 pm
by Rosa_M
David Schneider, despite being healthy, is terrified of dying. He wants to overcome his fears and find out whether a 'good death' is ever possible and how those facing up to it, cope. He visits the journalist and writer Jenny Diski who was told last summer that she had inoperable lung cancer and, at best, another three years to live. She now writes about the experience and her treatment, with her usual wit and candour, and her tweets have a devoted following. But as she says, 'I tell jokes but that doesn't mean that I'm not terrified at the prospect of my own non-existence.' They discuss this fear, what it is they are afraid of and whether faith might make a difference.

Listen to the interview here: